We offer our clients the possibility to identify themselves with the architecture we design but also allow the architecture to identify itself with the place it sits in. – Your Local Architect

As a team of five young enthusiastic architects that (come from as many as five countries and two continents) have very different cultural backgrounds and want to bring as much of their own culture as possible into the design, we realized the importance that lies within the identity of a place. Complementary personalities as well, the great thing about us is that we managed to combine them into putting up a practice engaged with tying a design down to the roots of its site.

We want to give the whole experience of a building, make it specific  for the client’s needs. We are not designing vague buildings open to interpretation. We think each building should have its identity to suit the user’s and the environment it sits in. Local materials and manufacturers are strongly involved in our design process, which most of the times translates into a boost for the local economy as well.

We are interested in the completeness of a project, building the interior is as important as the outer layer.  We think this is the way to achieve the sense of identity a building needs, having thought it through from the first structural junction to the last fine detail of a doorknob.

The truffle by Ensemble Studio showing the integrity of the design with the environment

“A house without identity is like a person without soul”, Pierre D’Avoine . Following the same idea but at a different scale, the architecture is the one that gives identity to a place, that is able to bring people together.


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