This project is located in Brick Lane, London. My site is right around the corner from Aldgate tube station with street name Osborn street.The reason why I’ve picked this place is mainly because of the open space and the variety of options of what buildings could be build there.

Also one of the most important things in this project is to include the “Power of Making” into your project. Which in real life means, that you have to be making something in your building for the usage of the people from Brick Lane.


At the very beginning we had to go to Brick Lane streets sketching in a way to get a sense of the whole area and also to get some inspiration. Mostly because it was freezing for most of the time I didn’t really find it useful but on one sunny sunday day I finally found what I was looking for.

There is a market tradition at the Brick Lane, so every sunday all the people who lives there or at the every surrounding go into the streets to sell some stuff.

And to get to my point, one of the guys was having a “game spot” where people could come and go as they wish to play games. And I though… What a cool idea, let’s play some games in my building. Because as I’ve heard many times ….“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!








So my idea was to have a “Game centre” with games collected from all over the world. Obviously the main one I thought could be the carom game which I’ve seen being played at the Brick lane markets. I did a massive game research which took me like two days and at the end I end it up with collection of games consisted of the carom game, chess, croquette and few more other but most importantly bao (which is the oldest game in the world) and has given the basics to my design project. Just briefly give you some info about this game…

Bao was first described by the French traveller Flacourt in 1658 who saw it on Madagascar. Thomas Hyde found it 1658 on Anjouan, Comores. The oldest still surviving Bao board was made in 1896 in Malawi and is kept today in the British Museum in London.


Because we suppose to be making something in ours buildings I’ve decided that the best thing to do would be to just stick with one game, which would be the bao game. The original bao game was being played with small clay balls but in nowadays glass marbles replaced them.
So through that whole process I got to the point when I was thinking of having glass furnace in my building which would make these lovely marbles and well I made that happen. The idea at this very point was to collect and recycle glass from Brick lane streets ( through I would be also cleaning the streets and caring the environment) and change it into something completely different…into marbles.


Firstly I had to find out how marbles are being made. How amazing the process is I realised right away I watched this video..
One machine-made technique (also similar to semi-machine made) is when globules of molten glass are dropped into a groove made by two interlocking parallel screws. As the screws rotate the marble travels along them, gradually being shaped into a sphere as it cools. Colour can be added by dropping dyes onto the still liquid marbles.


Once I fully understood what was going to happening in my building I could start focusing on my design. Firstly I got inspired by games, especially by dices. My very first sketches showing few cubes as a representation of game rooms (the place where the bao game would be played) in different positions spread across my site. This idea has turned up as not really successful. Mainly because once you started designing some space you realised what all spaces you need and you start asking your self questions such as… How are people gonna enter my building? How are they going to be moving in there? The famous circulation… How the people even gonna notice that they just enter a game centre….? And questions like these and thousand more are slowly gonna start changing the whole design of your building.
But what I think is really important is your concept and sort of confidence in your self and in your project. Whit those things I am not afraid to say that you can never go wrong (….talented and openminded tutor is a good thing as well:)…


The next step in my project was to determine the space from the bottom to the top in the order to design it as useful as possible. Which in my case happened by doing tones of conceptual model, that suppose to help me to develop my project and my self as well.


This was one of my favorite  concept models. It’s a combination of a space with private space and public space. When those spire shaped objects suppose to provide the privacy and the rest of the space is for the people who prefers more common spaces. Also u can notice that the private rooms has got open tops in a way to bring more light and air inside.


Moving onto this one. This conceptual model has got the sights of my final design. I was trying to include the idea of a open space over the whole building. Although in this proposal the roof would be glazed so it wouldn’t rain inside. The main idea was to amazed the citizens with one fabulous roof.


Some of my first cross section through my building including the furnace in a way to better understand the space.


My final model contains all the aspects I desired for. An amazing roof which should amazed all the people walking by as well as drag peoples attention in a way to make them come inside and have some fun.. Also as you could’ve noticed the final design have the combination of both, nice shaped roof and private rooms which provides a private space for whom who prefers it..


Inside of the space would be this huge furnace with its own smokestack which would be taking the smoke out of the building and also I can not forget about those rolls which are making the marbles being marbles… Because I am a student of an interior architecture I had to consider the interior design very well too. My idea was to have a simple white interior, including white walls, white, glazed doors, concrete surface details. Everything very simple and clean. But then I started thinking…I am design a game center, there should be at least some colors besides the marbles. So I decided to put some color on the floor…

To put a conclusion into my project, I would say, that my building is going to be full of fun, colors, heat which would be generating from the furnace and make people come and enjoy this space even over the winter season. There is also one more thing I would like to say at the end which could be also used as my design agenda. That the quantity doesn’t always means quality and that a simply and strong idea are much more important then 2billions weak ones…


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