The Truffle / Ensamble Estudio

When we started watching this video with my schoolmates I was certain that non of us knew what was it about. But as we were getting closer and closer to the end I’ve started noticing like everyone’s jaws starts dropping down. And there were we, watching this amazing piece of architecture, everyone sort of in his own world wondering how this piece could actually work and thinking that quantity always doesn’t mean quality.

This project was allocated in Spain. The Truffle is a piece of nature built with earth, full of air. A space within a stone that sits on the ground and goes with the place. They made a hole in the ground, in the middle of the hole they started pilling up hay bales and at the end the poured a huge amount of concrete all over it. Time passed and they removed the earth discovering an amorphous mass…

The land gave the whole thing such a extraordinary look/facade with its texture and color. Second phase of this project was to make few cuts in a way to discover the hay inside. To empty the interior they got a calf Paulina, and enjoyed the 50m3 of the nicest food, from which she nourished for a year until she left her habitat, already as an adult and weighing 300 kilos. And that was the first time when the whole interior started appearing…

ROCA LONDON GALLERY _Zaha Hadid Architects

I had the amazing opportunity to see the whole project into two different states. Which the first one was, when the project was sort of in the middle of getting done and the second one few weeks ago when it  was all finished. And these two points of views gives me the amazing opportunity to examine the project even more deeper , more complex. When I went to the Roca gallery last year I was reallyexcited. Mainly because the fact I have never been to such a thing as this and also because I have never came across Zaha Hadid’s work in real life. So my first thoughts and feelings could’ve been described only by the word..WHAU.. The place left such a huge impression on my self. Not just because Zaha Hadid was the architect, but mainly because the place seemed so magical at the first place, even though it wasn’t all finished by that time.

The project is inspired by the various phases and states of water. Which sort of make sense because the space is being used as a bathroom showroom. What I like about this project is the simplicity, the clean lines and that the whole space works very well as a complex. All these reinforced concrete bits, which suppose to reminding water drops were being casted somewhere else and transported to the site afterward. So when I walked inside the showroom for the first time, I got the feeling like the water was coming all over me and I was being drag by the stream of water somewhere far far away. Far away to the sea side where everything is perfect, sun is shining from the morning to the evening and that is exactly what’s gonna make you buy a new bath tub I think.. And that’s exactly what should probably every single place selling some kind of design products, including kitchens, beds, cars..etc etc.. have. Some let me call it “knowhow” which is going to sell your work no matter what it is…

On the other hand you would probably start thinking…wait a moment, well designed things doesn’t have to have a perfectly shining showroom, they will be interesting for the people because they are good not just because they are placed in some nice interior. Now im starting getting to my point. We all heard how much the project costed. I cant even say the amount out lout because it would probably make me faint. And the question is…Is it really necessary to have such an expensive and over budget showrooms in a way to sell your products?…I think that’s the kind of a question everyone should think about before he enters place such this one. Whats the main reason why I am going to this shop.. Is it because of the way the place looks like or is it because of what they sell inside… Of course one could say the best option is the combination of both. I personally just think, that when you have a good work you dont need to spend a fortune on making it look nice from the street through the shop windows. But you DO have to have a clue what’s the best way of selling it your products…

And thats one of the most important things I have gained from the Roca gallery.

Barking Central_ Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM)

A project that has brought change to the town centre through color, materiality and shape. The viewer is attracted by the variety of colors and how they blend together like a piece of painting.

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris has given new facilities to the town including over 500 residential apartments, a 66 bed hotel, a bicycle shed for 250 bikes, nine retail units, a café, a new town square and an arboretum.

The whole project was divided into 6 phases.

The phase number 1 is library where the courtyard has been made in white color and and the public face of this part has been made with those lovely balcony we already talked about.

The phase number 2 is retail with housing above it (500 residential apartments) and it all has been made with bricks in autumn colors (shades from  yellow to red).

The phase number 3 is the hotel building with 66 travel lodges.

The phase number 4 is the lemonade building with balconies spread up and down which are relates to a lemonade bottle.

The phase number 5 is the bike shed which can store around 250 bikes.

The phase number 6 is Axe Street (named after the adjacent road) is a residential building addressing the existing datum set by the new buildings on the street. The monochromatic color is used to contrast with the complex colors used in the neighboring buildings.

The whole complex has changed the atmosphere of the town from the very basics. Such as the bright new facade with those lovely balconies popping out like small butterflies which has brought “new life” into the town

OMA _ New Parc des Expositions, Toulouse, France

This new Parc des Expositions will be built as a compact mini-city articulating two core elements: an antitode to the sprawl of a standard exposition park and a strategy for the preservation of the surrounding French countryside.

Infrastructure is the keyword to this design proposal: a patchwork of open fields and sporadic developments. This Parc des Expositions will be included in a “virtuous” strip, 2.8 kilometers lond and 320 meters wide which will be crissed by the RD902 highway.

The Parc des Expositions’ structure will be 660 meters long, 24 meters high. The monumental structure of the Parc des Expositions will be a simple but flexible three-dimensional grid, which will provide a plug-in system for exhibitors and facilities.

The Parc des Expositions is announced to be completed by 2016.


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