i was very impressed by this honest architecture show. it was the first time that i could see the whole body of work of an architecture office and get a complete overview how they work and what they did so far.
what catched most of my attention was  the way their work was exhibited which was very thoughtrough and various. they had a lot of different medias and techniques to represent their drawings, stories, models and materials they used.
at the beginning of the exhibition,  in one of the first rooms drawings and photos were put on top of each other and invited the visitor to touch them and go through them. it was a very interactive decision and you could see the use over time. the edges of the drawings became already dirty and you could imagine how many people have already seen this exhibition before you. this was a really nice fact because you had a connection to the visitors before you and for the first time an idea how many people might have been inspired by this presentation.
In the next room, they put many pads of interesting images and texts related to the city of london on the wall. the visitors were invited to tear of these sheets and take them home. it was again a very nice decision because people could chose what interested them and make these art pieces theirs and reuse them. from which exhibition can you take exhibited art home? Moreover they projected films and photos on the floor and you could walk over their work, not destroying but touching and being in them in a way. They also put labels on the floor at some points. Another nice feature was that they cut letters in the walls which allowed you to spy trough them from the 1 floor to the beginning of the exhibtion. They also presented a variety of material examples, like different sort of stones, so that you could get a great impression what they used and what materials generally exist.


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