I am from Lithuania, evethough it is a small country, it has many talanted people with great ideas, recognised and respected projects which makes me very proud of my country.

Vilnius Museum & Cultural Centre

Vilnius – capital of Lithuania, European Capital of Culture for 2009, welcomes a new Zaha Hadid Architects creation – a museum and cultural centre in which visitors may experiment with notions of gallery, spatial complexity and movement.

Old house in the glass box

This house is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Eventhough it is a small country, it has many great building and design ideas which I am very proud of.

The original old house had been build in 1947 and the new part was added five years ago by two Lithuanian architects Gintautas Natkevičius and Rimas Adomaičius. They had a vision of saving the old house by combining it with new design – glass box. The important thing that they had achieved is that the glass does not dominate more than the old house and its beautiful red bricks from XIX century.

The old house has been used as a private zone for the bathrooms and bedrooms and the glass extension is now a spacious kitchen, dinning place and living space.

As an architect and designer I think that the lightning is one of the most important aspects of good design. Well thought light can show the most important details of design and make it even more attractive and cozy.

These are just few examples how lightning can improve very simple and minimalist interior design.

These lampshades are designed by Komplot Design

The direct function of these lampshades is to contain “the light” and to reflect it. But it is still present in the room when the light is switched off. The soft organic shape of a Calabash with its characteristic “waist” is a suspended sculpture that with its double convex mirrored surface reflects the whole room at once.

Alè Lamp by Jaim Telias

Says Telias, “A golden foliage of wood leaves composes a mysterious lamp. Each leaf can be tied and untied one to an other as to create your custom shaped Alè.”

Small details makes this lamp so pretty and delicate, with light it creates beautiful shadows making the design very romantic.

Invisible Chandelier by Castor Design, 2008

Invisible Chandelier is eco design which is a collection of hundreds of burnt out light bulbs lit from within. These are works of art and no two will be allike.

I love this brand new hotel in New Yorkand its modern European design which is combined with a characteristic Downtown edge. TheNo Mad Beaux-Arts building has been fully restored to its original splendor and its magnificent interiors are the inspiration of the multi talented French architect/interior and garden designer Jacques Garcia.

Château de Moissac-Bellevue

Château de Moissac-Bellevue is a beautiful  building located inFrance. It is used for various events, like weddings, photoshoots etc.

I was hypnotized by its design, neutral colors, candle light, big windows and huge inside spaces. This place is full of character and charm.

Gummitwist is a modular rackby Nino Gulker

This shelf has reminded me of technology lectures where in the beggining of the year we had to build a structures from bamboo sticks. It also has been woted as the best design in Milan Design week 2012.



Sharyn Cairns photography

Sharyn is at the forefront of commercial photography in Australia, shooting a diverse range of subjects including interiors, food, travel, and lifestyle. She is committed to creating beautiful images that capture a mood and an emotion. She plays with light and shadows to create levels of depth that really set a scene.

Stylish Contemporary Farmhouse in Provance

I have always been interested in barn conversions. I like big space with character and history. I would love to experiment and work on such a project my self one day.

Neutral tones and natural materials, imagination and style mix were employed by the French couple to transform an abandoned farmhouse in the heart of Provencal countryside into a beautiful and stylish family home.


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