Oma/Progress exhibition_Barbican centre

Visiting the Oma/Progress exhibition at the Barbican centre was very exciting experience for all of us. At the exhibition I was able to see all the little details (ideas, sketches, models, etc.) of creating extraordinary buildings such as CCTV headquarters tower at the Beijing.

The exhibited progress of the buildings has inspired me a lot. I had a chance to see how small idea can grow to a huge and worldwide recognisable project.

I have learnd a lot about making models, about usage of materials for the models. Cheeper glass holds more iron and looks greener while perfectly clear glass is more expensive and reflects soundwaves.

CCTV headquarters tower at the Beijing

ROCA London Gallery_Zaha Hadid Architects

Roca gallery, designed by Zaha Hadid architects group, is an amazing and insipiring piece of design where the leading role is played by the water that, in the words of Zaha Hadid, “acts as a transformer moving, without interruption, through the facade, carving the interior and flowing through the main gallery as drops of water”.

I had an amazing opportunity to visit this place twice, first time it was when it has not been finished, it was great  to see the process of creating this breath taking design and to understand how difficult and complex it is. The second time i went there it was all finished and already working. I have been left with good impression of the big space usage, neutral colours and lightning, the movement of water is the overriding theme in the Roca London Gallery – flowing and merging exterior and interior spaces. The interior is sculptured white concrete and its state of the art lighting connects each of the different areas whilst serving as a central axis around which the Roca London Gallery revolves.

Although while walking in the gallery i felt like i am in the space ship, it has been a unique, very pleasant and interesting experience.


David Kohn Architects_A Room for London

During the visit at London Met David Kohn talked us through about his projects. For me the most interesting was a project where he and his group of architects where working with artist Fiona Banner for the installation called A Room for London which is located on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank Centre.

Together they had won a competition which aim was to design a room at the most visible and outstanding place inLondonwhere people could spent a unique night surrounded by architectural landscape. Mainly it is designed for the artists – writers, poets, painters, song writers, photographers etc. Place would be used as a muse to tho

se people.The idea of boat as a room came fromThamesRiver. Also Literature, which probably had the biggest impact for the design. For me it was very exciting to know that the people who are going to stay a night in the room will be able to record and write their own story of experience in the room.

Paulina and the Truffel_Ensamble Estudio


I was amazed by this video, I have never seen anything like this before and wanted to watch again, again and again. This project is located inSpain.

The Truffle is a piece of nature built with earth, full of air. A space within a stone that sits on the ground and blends with the territory. It camouflages, by emulating the processes of mineral formation in its structure, and integrates with the natural environment, complying with its laws.

It was so interesting to see how this unusual building was growing step by step. I have learnt how the earth and the concrete exchanged their properties. The land provided the concrete with its texture and color, its form and its essence, and concrete gave the earth its strength and internal structure. The group of people have created not yet architecture, they had fabricated a stone.


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