Online Diary

Week 1:

Brick Lane: My current project that I’m working on is based in East London specifically in Brick Lane. It’s a very busy and commercial area and you cant expect what kind of different things you can find in there. My site is situated at the end of Brick lane and near Whitechapel high street. It is an abandoned building within a series of workshops facing it. It is located at the back of the Whitechapel gallery, however it’s a very hidden place at the end of an alleyway that is called Gunthorpe Street. These are some sketches of things that caught my eye while walking in Brick Lane:

This is a sketch of my site which is the workshops

This is a sketch of the opposite building which is a series of paper workshops and wedding services building. I was able to go inside this shop only so I did some sketches of the interior, they had some wedding accessories and some wedding dresses as well.

Week 2:

Visit to Sunday Market in Brick Lane

This shop was so crowded with stuff that the person feels lost inside. What I liked about it is how everything is laid out and people are free to come in and walk around the things and choose what they want.

Sketches of Asian Jewllery

Whit chapel road – The market:

A lot of the colours, fabrics, golden accessories caught my eyes in this market and I got really interested in the Asian celebrations and how much attention they pay on little details like golden pattern on the red dresses.

Week 3:

David Kohn Exhibition-Fragments

Exhibition of recent work by David Kohn Architects

The project was about two brothers that want to have an apartment designed for them to live together in Barcelona. The mosaic pieces are graded from green at one end of the apartment to red at the other end to differentiate the brothers’ private spaces. I thought its very interesting how a little delicate detail like mosaic patterns can reflect the language of the design. Also there is a large table for the families and friends to meet and have dinner, its where the red and green of the mosaics are most mixed. This exhibition made me even more interested in these Asian colours that I saw in the whit chapel market green and red. As well as the patterns that they decorate their dresses with and how fine the details are. I have decided to look more on Asian weddings and their ways of celebrating.

Carrer Avinyó

Week 4:

Visit to CHN.KATZ gallery in Brick Lane

Week 5:

Survey of my site was a bit difficult as I couldn’t access the building, its an abandoned old building and there is only  homeless people that occupy it.

Elevation of the site

Week 6:


After looking at the Asian weddings I thought about making a wedding preparation centre for the opposite wedding services shop as it doesn’t have that much of things inside it.

Week 7:

After looking at the importance of henna or mendi in Asian weddings I decided Im going to concentrate on this part of the event and plant henna trees in my building.

In this idea I was looking at how I can use the courtyard as a green house for the henna plants and the building being the preparation centre.

This is the second idea I had which was making the green house inside the building and making small spaces inside this green house in which you have to find your own way through the henna bushes.

Week 8:

When I looked at the long process of henna I decided to make my design even more complex and use patterns that I found in Brick Lane and use it to make my own patterns in the building.

These are sketches of objects and things I found interesting in vintage shops and while walking in the street:

Week 9:

This is one of my concept models that I did to test shadows and light with patterns and how it might be if I use it in the design of my building.

These are studies that I did with found material to find a way of how I can draw the bride’s way between the henna bushes into the preparation space.

Week 10:

Final ground plan

First floor plan

Long section


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