Barking Central_ Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM)

A project that has brought change to the town centre through color, materiality and shape. The viewer is attracted by the variety of colors and how they blend together like a piece of painting.

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris has given new facilities to the town including over 500 residential apartments, a 66 bed hotel, a bicycle shed for 250 bikes, nine retail units, a café, a new town square and an arboretum.

The whole project was divided into 6 phases.

The phase number 1 is library where the courtyard has been made in white color and and the public face of this part has been made with those lovely balcony we already talked about.

The phase number 2 is retail with housing above it (500 residential apartments) and it all has been made with bricks in autumn colors (shades from  yellow to red).

The phase number 3 is the hotel building with 66 travel lodges.

The phase number 4 is the lemonade building with balconies spread up and down which are relates to a lemonade bottle.

The phase number 5 is the bike shed which can store around 250 bikes.

The phase number 6 is Axe Street (named after the adjacent road) is a residential building addressing the existing datum set by the new buildings on the street. The monochromatic color is used to contrast with the complex colors used in the neighboring buildings.

The whole complex has changed the atmosphere of the town from the very basics. Such as the bright new facade with those lovely balconies popping out like small butterflies which has brought “new life” into the town.

Review by Jakub Klimes



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