For Jakub the most important thing in his life is his family. And that’s also one of the reasons why Jakub has decided to study architecture, he is studying interior architecture which he thinks gives him even bigger opportunity to fulfill his dream to help people live nice and suitable life standards.

Jakub is one of the people who would pick to build a kindergarten for children over Olympic stadium. Not just for the terms of size but also because he feels closer to the projects which he can understands and describe from the bottom to the top. Which doesn’t always happens with projects such as Olympic stadium.

As a future interior designer he would like to design interiors as a complex thing. Including his own furniture, floors, kitchens, bath tubs..etc. But mainly he would like to design interiors which would be suitable for living. Because that’s one of the things he has came across lately, that nowadays designer designing interiors which pleased your eyes when you first look at them but when you look at them for the second time you actually realize you wont be able to live there. So that’s one of the things he would like to achieve in the future, to have his own design office where would people come and fulfill their dreams for better living.


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